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The Closing of the Bones ceremony is a beautiful  way to honor a mother after child birth, whether it is 4 hours or 40 years after giving birth. When a mother's body has sustained an immense shift, physically, by widening of the hips accompanying displaced pelvic organs and mentally, the psyche having been altered by the right of passage to conceive, carrying and birthing a child can re-establish a sense of self and can be grounding and calming.

By the wrapping of your hips/pelvis with the help of a rebozo (a shawl like cloth), together we can honor the work the hips have undergone to bring a beautiful soul into the world by gently rocking the hips, which can be comforting and healing. This process guides bones back into place, helps pelvic organs shift and can help the uterus to shrink back down, and stimulate blood flow.

Some warm oil is applied all over the skin of the belly and a gentle massage begins. The movements are rhythmic and relaxing, bringing the energy of the woman back to her center. We are lovingly taking care of this area where a baby grew. Both giver and receiver acknowledge this great achievement.