relaxation delivered

​​​​​​​Slimming Body Cocoon
Jump start your diet or fuel your diet that has hit a plateau with this wrap. Skin stimulating essential oils detoxify and aid in the breaking up of buildup of toxic elements, while relaxing and detoxing in the steamy wonder.


~Only essential Oils

~Orange, Cranberry Cider

​~Herbal Tea and Essential Oils

~Coffee and essential oils

~Epsom Salt and Essential Oils

(​Depending upon results desired)

Steamy Wonder Treatment
The Steamy Wonder increases the core temperature of the body, which automatically induces the detoxification process deeply butgently, toxins coming out on a cellular level from every organ of the body through the sweat while you relax.  

Peppermint Foot Treatment

Relaxing treatment aimed at refreshing tired feet. Feet are soothed with penetrating massage strokes and steamy herbal infused towels.